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Removal Orders refer to the process by which sellers can request the removal of their inventory stored in E-Commerce fulfillment centers. There are several reasons why a seller might want to initiate a removal order.

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What You Need to Know About Removal

There may be several reasons why a seller may want to initiate a removal order.

If a seller has an excess of certain products in warehouses and wants to manage their inventory levels.

When a product is no longer being sold, a seller might want to remove it from the warehouses.

For products that are only relevant during specific seasons, sellers might opt to remove them from storage during off-seasons.

If a product needs to be relabeled, repackaged, or modified, a removal order might be requested.

If a seller suspects that their products have been damaged, they might want to inspect and potentially remove the damaged items.

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Removal Order Initiation Process

The process for initiating a removal order typically involves the following steps

Sellers navigate to the E-commerce platform and select the products they want to remove. They then create a removal order, specifying the quantity of items to be removed.

Sellers can choose between two removal methods: "Return to Seller" or "Dispose." If the items are in good condition and can be resold, sellers might choose the "Return to Seller" option. The "Dispose" option might be selected if the items are damaged or unsellable.

Sellers review the removal order details, including the items, quantity, and removal method. Once they're satisfied, they confirm the removal order.

Depending on the removal method and the quantity of items, there might be associated removal fees. Sellers should review these fees before confirming the order.


 It's essential for sellers to be aware of the associated costs, timelines, and impact on their inventory levels when initiating removal orders. Additionally, policies and procedures might change over time, so Ship US can be your partner during all these processes with the most up-to-date information on removal orders.

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